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A New Years Update & Neighbors Come to Visit


Great news!  We have the permits needed to move ahead with the construction of our house!  However, we’re not sure about the construction timeline as weather is a major factor as we move into January.  We’re totally comfortable and happy in our “cabin” though, so the timeline isn’t critical.  Below are some recent photos of our little dwelling, including the work in progress and how we’ve improved and organized it as best as possible for daily functionality.  Since you’ve seen it last, we’ve given it some major improvements.  It now has electricity, an electric wall heater, a wood stove, steps at the front door, insulation, a loft for sleeping, steps to the loft, shelving, a water dispenser for 5 gal jugs of water, and even a little electric fireplace that we had in our previous home.  We don’t yet have water access or plumbing of course so we take showers and such at the community center where we also exercise.  All in all, we now have a very practical and liveable space!

Here’s the work in progress:

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And the finished result:

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It’s 144 square feet of liveable space (plus 144 sq feet of loft area for sleeping and storage) to be exact.  Ironically, awhile back we had been talking about building and living temporarily in a tiny house but decided against it due to the additional cost of a trailer for a tiny home.  But now, we basically are living in a tiny house, so to speak!  Due to limited space, minimalistic living is essential, which we like.  Why have a bunch of stuff around that you don’t need or use?  The nice part about cabin or tiny home living is that there isn’t much to clean and it stays nice and cozy in there!  Regarding “tiny home” living, my current analysis is that it is a totally sustainable and agreeable living situation without children or pets.  With children and/or pets, one would probably want to double the size that we have now, which I think would still be considered “tiny” according to our society’s standards.

In other news, some neighbors came to visit.  Here they are just outside our window…

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There’s so much wildlife here!  In the elk pictures above, you only see 5 but we counted 10 that we could see from the window.  Well, that’s all for now!  We hope and pray that everyone has a happy, healthy and abundant 2017!

 “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

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