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Welcome to our reviews & ‘things we like’ page:  A guide to suggested places and resources.

Local Reviews: We enjoy supporting our local, family-run businesses here in North Idaho and Alaska.  In support of the small business owner, we decided to write up recommendations for some of our favorite restaurants, service providers, tourism hosts and shop owners. These are destinations we highly suggest you check out on your next visit.  Networking is the most integral marketing tactic for small, hard-working businesses to thrive and we’re so thrilled to be able to do our part to keep their shops bustling.  We appreciate the hard work and passion that goes into everything they do to make you happy!  They also help to strengthen our local community, which all should be grateful for.  We hope you enjoy our descriptive write-ups and reviews of these great businesses and we encourage your support!

Things we like:  We have assembled a calalog of books, dvds, documentaries, magazine and products that we have found useful in our day to day lives.  For those interested in expanding their education on the topics we include in this blog, these additional resources are highly recommended!

Our Local Review Pages:

Things We Like:

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