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Coeur d’Alene Restaurant Reviews

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Coeur d'Alene food reviews

Welcome!  We love our home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for many reasons!  One of our favorite pastimes in ‘CDA’ is to patronize the many outstanding locally owned restaurants!  For a fairly small town/city of less than 50,000 people, the culinary variety is incredible and the talent and vision of restaurant proprietors is top-notch.  From classic American cuisine, farm-to-table fare, exotic world foods, western flare to fine dining, fresh bakeries and organic cafes; Coeur d’Alene has it all.  Our focus is always to support the sole proprietor or family run small business.  We find that each of these restaurateurs are proud, hard-working people with a gift for unique cuisine and warm hospitality.  As patrons, it just feels good to support these places and via our food reviews, we are able to give back and support their efforts. We hope you enjoy our reviews of restaurants we enjoy in the Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls and Hayden areas of North Idaho.  We hope you take our advice and check out these establishments when your in the area and spread the love.  Cheers!

Our Coeur d’Alene Dining & Restaurant Establishment Reviews and Recommendations:

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantCafe Carambola  

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantMoon Time

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantCalypso’s Coffee & Café

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantThe Garnet Café

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantWolf Lodge Steakhouse  (coming soon)

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantCapone’s  (coming soon)

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantThe Porch Public House  (coming soon)

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantMichael D’s Eatery  (coming soon)

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantFisherman’s Market  (coming soon)

top-rated coeur d'alene restaurantCricket’s  (coming soon)


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