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Welcome to the Together in Solitude blog!  We’re so glad you’re here.  This blog features resources and stories of some of our favorite things.

Travel & Adventure  ~  Wellness & Intentional Living  ~  Nature

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What’s on the Blog?

The Idaho and Alaska pages feature local attractions for adventures, food and fun.  We love promoting and supporting our area attractions and local small businesses.

Visit the Wellness page for thoughts on all areas of wellness as well as intentional living practices that are meaningful and do-able.  Check out the Recipe page for delicious and nourishing recipes from our kitchen (or wherever we happen to be cooking!).

The Nature page is dedicated to topics on nature preservation and management, including what we’re doing in Idaho and Alaska to help in this regard.  We learn from and share our eco-management practices on our 40-acre woodlot.  The Nature Photography page is where our love of nature and photography meet.  Included are tips on when and where to go for great wildlife photography opportunities.

Learning new life skills is fun, rewarding, and fosters self-sufficiency.  We share Do-It-Yourself Projects that we have done or are working on.  We encourage you to give them a try and/or share with us what you’ve been working on!

Check out the Media page for our videos and quotos (photos with inspirational quotes).

The Resources & Reviews page promotes great blogs, websites, books, and movies for more info and inspiration on all the topics above!

About Us / Behind the Blog

We’re Sondra and Jason, the primary bloggers of Together in Solitude.  We’re a married couple living in North Idaho and Alaska.  We live most of the year in North Idaho on a 40-acre forested property that we are developing to be a place of retreat and wellness for people and wildlife.  We call this place Solitude Mountain.

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At the cabin we built together on Solitude Island, Alaska in 2015

In the summers we live in southcentral Alaska and run a remote fishing lodge.  We go between the lodge and a remote island property with a small cabin on what we call Solitude Island.  It’s in these two environments where we love to be and where many of our blog posts are inspired.  Both locations are vacation rentals. 🙂 Click the links for more info.

Here’s some of our story in a nutshell to give a context for our perspectives and posts.  😉  We both grew up in Minnesota with wonderful loving families.  Upon graduating from college, Jason and his friend and now business partner decided to buy and operate the lodge.  They had both previously worked there as summer fishing guides.  Jason was studying biology and entrepreneurship at the time.  The lodge decision stemmed from his desire to be his own boss, have an active career in a natural setting, and experience career freedom.  Sondra finished a degree in marriage and family therapy and took a job as a therapist in Montana.  Jason joined her there in the off-season and we were married in April 2013.  Within a few years we were looking for property which would help us live the lifestyle we wanted and hopefully enrich the lives of others too.  We found that property in Coeur d’Alene, ID.  The move and intentional lifestyle change also allowed Sondra to experience more career flexibility and the ability to join Jason in Alaska in the summer.  We both believe in living as authentically and as aligned by our values as possible, which includes giving back to others and to the earth as we have been richly blessed by those in our lives, by God through faith, and by the natural environment we call home.  We hope that this is reflected in the blog and evident to anyone who comes to Solitude Mountain or Solitude Island.

Let’s Connect! 

We hope this blog will be interactive as we journey through life and learn together!  Let us know if you’d like us to address a particular topic or resource.  We encourage you to comment on posts and pages so we can all benefit from your unique perspective, wisdom and recommendations.  Feel free to connect with us through the Contact link too.  Additionally, please let us know if we can help promote or support you and the great things you’re doing in our areas and beyond. 🙂

Blessings, Sondra & Jason


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  1. julie says:

    do u guys still have the dog?

    • Together in Solitude says:

      No, sadly, Tanner passed away a few years ago. We still miss him lots. We’re planning to get a puppy in the fall and are excited about that. 🙂

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