Author: Together in Solitude



[Sondra] Hi guys! I thought I’d pop in for a post on what we’ve been up to lately.  Let’s see… We’ve been busy booking trips and prepping for the upcoming summer season at the lodge in AK.  In a couple...


February Progress on the Retreat Homestead

[Jason] The floor is finally framed, but construction is on hold as the rain has returned.  Floor sheathing, walls and second story should be completed during the next dry stint, which weather forecasters predicted to be sometime between now and 2019.  Kidding.  Enjoy a more amped-up video...


Spicy Turkey Kale Cups

We loved this easy and healthy appetizer which could also be served as a light meal or main course.  The concept is the same as an Asian-style chicken lettuce cup except this version uses turkey and kale.  Feel free to...